Year: 2021

Business Perks of Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation, also called RPA, has become a great way to cut labor costs in the business place. It is also a great way to offer cost-effective solutions with little impact on the quality or type of work done. There are many advantages to using robotic process automation in the business place. The savings you will see resulting from automation will more than pay for themselves in a concise period.

Performing Quality Management in Reverse Logistics: Cosmetic Grading System is the Key!

Quality Management in Reverse Logistics with the help of the Cosmetic Grading System (CGS) is an integrated system for improving the production process and analyzing product quality. A company can have a grading laboratory to test, monitor, grade, and analyze products from different manufacturers for a better return on investment in this system. This system makes the whole product development cycle, including analysis, design, testing, packaging, promotion, and sale, much faster, efficient and profitable.

Why is Cosmetic Grading Important?

The importance of mobile phones has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade. Their scope has expanded beyond just communication devices. They have become a source of entertainment, store of information, and expression of lifestyle. Because of this, the demand for refurbished or second-hand devices has grown tremendously. Many businesses have been set up which deals either exclusively or in a large volume in refurbished or second-hand mobile phones.

Explaining Griffyn’s Cosmetic Grading Scales

Griffyn Robotech offers a machine named DEEPSIGHT to help grade pre-owned devices. It is the world’s most advanced cosmetic grading machine for cellular phones and tablets. It can help business owners at the procurement stage by appraising incoming devices accurately and consistently. It is not always possible for a person grading such devices to maintain a level of consistency with assessing the extent of scratches and other cosmetic variations in the device that impact its look, and in some cases, the functionality. This is where DEEPSIGHT can help. It color-codes cracks, scratches and dents and superimposes them on the raw image of the device to help discern its quality.

How AI can benefit visual gear inspection

Accuracy in production is crucial for gear manufacturers. Faulty production can end up causing them severe financial damage. However, no production process is error-proof. Because of this, checking for errors becomes critical as it also helps in improving the production process. Visual inspection by people is the primary way manufacturers check for errors. Experienced individuals in this area can be a great asset to gear manufacturers. But even then, fatigue and boredom, leads to miss outs.

What are Quality Defects and 03 Types of Quality Defects?

Quality control is one of the most critical steps while manufacturing a product. But a quality control inspector needs to identify the fault in the products and categorize those defects and report them. These defects are identified according to the pre-set requirements, and then the classification of defects is done.
Now the question arises as to how to categorize defects as every problem comes with unique challenges.

The Future of Quality Control with AI

Artificial Intelligence can not only help in quality control but is the future of the world.
From cosmetic damage to complete malfunction, there are so many manufacturing errors or defects that many manufacturing errors or defects can cost a lot to the manufacturer. Many companies ignore these critical defects until it is too late.