9th September 2020
Boosting Productivity with Surface Defect Detection
Surface Defects compromise the quality and performance of the final product. They can be a reason for safety issues and can cause significant losses. Additionally, defects also result in disruptions like rework, wastage of valuable resources, effort, and finally, loss of productivity. To understand how defect detection, as part of quality management, is related to productivity, let us understand the importance of Productivity.

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27th August 2020
Defect Detection

What is Defect Detection?

Let's proceed by understanding 'What is a Defect?'
As per Wikipedia – 'A physical, a functional or aesthetic attribute which exhibits the product has failed to meet the expected standards and specifications.'

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24th August 2020
Factory of the Future With Vision Inspection
Industry 4.0 consisting of communication network with intelligent exchange of information and self-aware systems will push industrial production capacities to new heights. In today’s increasingly competitive world where organisations are constantly thinking of staying ahead in competition, automated vision inspection would drive companies to continuously improve quality, lower costs and increase efficiencies.
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3rd August 2020
Automated Visual Inspections: A Need or An Expense
Surface quality is a crucial factor for products, especially when it is related to products from electronic, automobiles , FMCG and telecom sectors. A single scratch or dent can hurt the saleability of the product, resulting in the loss of profits and cost in rework and remarketing.

Grading and inspection of finished products is extremely crucial for the operation of a manufacturing company.
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7th July 2020
Surface Defect Detection helps in Grading
Quality control is an extremely crucial element of any production process. Compromises in quality control can cause expensive disruptions in manufacturing processes, and unnecessary losses.

Surface Defect Detection (SDD) is an essential function of quality control. The primary purpose of SDD is to prevent products containing surface defects such as cracks, smudges, broken points from reaching the customers
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24th June 2020
Product Grading and Adaptive learning
In the mid of last decade, the terms Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) gained popularity. Initially there was a lot of insecurity about the concepts. But the technology prevailed, and Artificial intelligence evolved. Today, every ‘Tech’ literate person is using Artificial intelligence in some way or other. AI has entered all realms of businesses and the advantages were immediately known - which made adaption easier and faster.
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5th June 2020
Can Artificial Intelligence help Product Cosmetic Inspection and Grading?
The process of cosmetic inspection and Grading is a mainstay in many industries. It is the process of dividing the products into groups which are similar in quality for their finished look for patches, cracks, scratches and digs or dents. Products are separated based on their quality and grouped in lots according to their grades.
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