March 12, 2021

Explaining Griffyn’s Cosmetic Grading Scales

Griffyn Robotech offers a machine named DEEPSIGHT to help grade pre-owned devices. It is the world’s most advanced cosmetic grading machine for cellular phones and tablets. It can help business owners at the procurement stage by appraising incoming devices accurately and consistently. It is not always possible for a person grading such devices to maintain a level of consistency with assessing the extent of scratches and other cosmetic variations in the device that impact its look, and in some cases, the functionality. This is where DEEPSIGHT  can help. It color-codes cracks, scratches, and dents and superimposes them on the raw image of the device to help discern its quality.

To grade devices, DEEPSIGHT uses the following five grade scale:

Grade A: These are the highest quality pre-owned devices. To qualify for this grade, a device cannot have more than five scratches. The longest can be up to 3 mm, while the widest scratch cannot be more than 0.15 mm. Such devices will not have any cracks or digs on them.

Grade B: These devices are a bit inferior to Grade A devices. DEEPSIGHT allows for up to 10 scratches for Grade B devices, with the longest being up to 3 mm in length and the widest being up to 0.15 mm. Similar to Grade A devices, such devices will not have any cracks or digs.

Grade C: These devices are in the middle of the pack in terms of quality. Similar to Grade B devices, they will not have more than ten scratches. However, the scratches can be up to 7 mm in length and up to 0.15 mm in width. They will not have any cracks or digs.

Grade D: These are relatively low-quality devices according to Griffyn’s cosmetic grading scale. Similar to Grade C devices, they can have up to 10 scratches, which can be up to 7 mm in length and up to 0.15 mm in width. They can have up to 5 cracks, with the longest being 2.5 mm and the widest being 3 mm. Further, they can have digs up to 5 microns deep.

Grade E: These are the lowest quality devices as graded by DEEPSIGHT. Scratches on these devices can be more than 10, with the longest being up to 7 mm and the widest being up to 0.15 mm. They have more than five cracks, which can be up to 2.5 mm long and up to 3 mm wide. The digs on these devices will be more than 5 microns deep. Any scratch that is longer than 7 mm, will cause the device to get an E or the lowest grade.

There are several industry bodies such as CTIA which define cosmetic grading standards. Many manufacturers as well as merchants handling devices may also define their own standards. DEEPSIGHT is built to be configurable to adapt to any of these standards. One can make the stringent or relax them based on market or customer needs.

Once you have your devices graded, you can identify channels  that always provide the best and worst quality devices. This can help you unlock value for your business as well as your customers.

Griffyn Robotech is a company focused on leveraging technology to create smart solutions for manufacturing industries. We can present a solution to all the challenges related to machine learning and quality control.

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