November 2, 2020

Leading Automotive Maker Relied on OPTIVITY®OCR System for Robust Traceability and Information Management

What is OCR?​

OCR – Optical character recognition, technology converts handwritten or printed text into machine readable forms, which can be electronically searched and stored efficiently. The technology is used for tracking and tracing of products resulting in improved quality control. OCR is increasingly used in Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, FMCG and Pharmaceutical industries where manufacturers are required to comply with safety and anti-counterfeiting regulations.

OPTIVITY®OCR System Use Case​

Leading Automotive Maker Relied on OPTIVITY®OCR System for Robust Traceability and Information Management ​

The Challenge​

India’s leading automotive manufacturer wanted to establish a robust method for tracing and tracking critical safety components. Since CNG cylinder was a critical safety automotive component, it was very important for the automotive maker to ensure that component was supplied by authorized vendor following all the safety compliances. For compliance and traceability, every CNG Cylinder had an alphanumeric identity code etched on 3 sides which indicated the part number, serial number, manufacturing date and vendor name. The alphanumeric code was inspected manually which was prone to errors, the workers doing the repetitive task often missed out in pointing a missing or an out of sequence code. The alphanumeric code etched on 3 sides of the cylinder when degraded overtime would become difficult and tiring to read manually in varying light conditions and harsh industrial environment. Workers at the automotive facility often used to pass CNG cylinders without flagging the missing details.

The Solution ​

The Automotive maker deployed OPTIVITY® OCR system, an Intuitive vision-based system which rapidly read hard to read characters, text strings, alphanumeric codes with ease and precision. Using OPTIVITY® OCR system the OEM was able to identify, trace and record information reliably. The Intelligent system leveraged an advanced image processing deep learning algorithm which identified characters at high speed and accuracy with which data was consistently identified and documented to ensure traceability.

How OPTIVITY® OCR System Worked?​

The OPTIVITY® OCR system architecture worked in two stages, in the first stage text region was detected from the captured image and in the second stage character recognition was done from the detected portion of the captured image.

Captured Image​

Detect text region​

Recognized OCR​

The OPTIVITY® OCR system camera with efficient image illumination, captured images of the cylinder, the text region of all the three identity codes etched on the CNG cylinder was detected. The detected text region images were analyzed by the deep learning software to ensure that the passed cylinder had similar identity code on all three sides. The advanced system from Griffyn Robotech Identified, data even if it was slightly distorted. The deep learning algorithm of OPTIVITY® OCR system was able to identify data with different fonts and size and was able to recognize confusion pairs on the inconsistent surface of the CNG cylinder in variable light condition and harsh industrial environment.

Increased Reliability and Process Efficiency

With Optivity® OCR system the automotive maker was able to execute reliable product tracking, the cycle time of the operation decreased by 70%. Manual inspection which was prone to errors and was done in 150 seconds for one cylinder, OPTIVITY® OCR system could do the same operation in 45 seconds reliably.

Indicator Indicator Manual Inspection OPTIVITY® OCR System OPTIVITY® OCR System
Time taken 150 sec 45 sec
Accuracy 60% 94%

Improved Information Management ​

With OPTIVITY® OCR system the automotive maker was able to track and trace the critical safety product reliably. The OCR system from Griffyn Robotech eliminated errors due to manual entry, the unique identity codes were digitally stored on the server and could be accessed anytime from all locations. Since CNG cylinder was a critical safety product it was very important for the automotive manufacturer to track and trace it, with OPTIVITY® OCR system from Griffyn Robotech the automotive maker was able to establish a robust system for traceability and information management.

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