Industry 4.0 ready vision based inspection and character recognition system

  • Gear Inspection, Cylinder Inspection, Crankshaft Inspection
  • Surface Inspection
  • Optical Character Recognition


The OPTIVITY© systems leverage advanced image processing machine learning algorithms to monitor various parameters and detect anomalies that are not detected by the human eye. Consistent performance and machine learning algorithms ensure high repeatability and high-quality throughput

Key Features

  • Fast and precise inspection
  • Advanced machine learning algorithm locates, traces and accounts the exact error
  • Easy to operate and can be monitored by unskilled labor
  • Industry 4.0 enabled

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates subjectivity in inspection
  • Assures quality
  • Improves productivity
  • Scalable and customizable
  • Eliminates rejection resulting in a good supplier rating

OPTIVITY – Gear Inspection

  • Check for size, profile, dimension and tolerances
  • Identify surface defects, deformities and scratches

OPTIVITY – Surface Patch Inspection

  • Identify patches on component surface
  • Works with rough, shiny or curved surfaces
  • Detects patches undetected by human eye

OPTIVITY – Character Recognition

  • Data Traceability
  • Works with low quality prints or confusion pairs
  • Works with rough, shiny or curved surfaces
  • Identifies multiple text strings

How can OPTIVITY® help me?

I am a(n)…


  • Better Quality of components
  • Reduced rework
  • Cosmetic Quality Check at the time of shipment
  • Damage check during storage

Component Manufacturer

  • Better Quality of Components
  • Eliminates rejection – better vendor rating

Industries we Serve

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