January 6, 2021

The Future of Quality Control with AI

Artificial Intelligence can not only help in quality control but is the future of the world.

From cosmetic damage to complete malfunction,  many manufacturing errors or defects can cost a lot to the manufacturer. Many companies ignore these critical defects until it is too late.

Traditional method –

Traditionally, before the product was assembled, the components were taken through visual quality control. The quality control process was occasionally able to detect the defect, and sometimes not. And this used to be very time-consuming and made manufacturers incur losses.

AI and quality control –

AI can be implemented in the production process. And by the help of AI, companies or manufacturers can easily detect and eliminate errors or manufacturing defects.

The first step is the collection of data. You need to collect various data points such as the shape, dimensions, size, surface features etc., assemble these data points in a database and process it thoroughly using machine learning algorithms.

A baseline of the data points needs to be created and treated as a golden sample. And based on this golden sample, further products can be analyzed for defects. This way, AI can help detect errors by focusing on anything that looks different from the baseline.

How AI helps –

AI in quality control can help in reducing the efforts and saving a lot of time. Any defect that cannot be detected by a human eye can be seen with the help of AI, given the proper information or data is available. Also, AI can check multiple items at once.

One algorithm is capable of doing numerous jobs. It quickly learns about the baseline or how a product should look like.  It can also help find multiple defects in a single product and quickly catches any issue in the potential production process.

It makes the process reliable and cost-efficient. The chances of mistakes are meager if we use AI for quality control or quality assurance.

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