February 16, 2021

What are Quality Defects and 03 Types of Quality Defects?

Quality control is one of the most critical steps while manufacturing a product. But a quality control inspector needs to identify the fault in the products and categorize those defects and report them. These defects are identified according to the pre-set requirements, and then the classification of defects is done.

Now the question arises as to how to categorize defects as every problem comes with unique challenges.

So, there are three types of quality defects:

  • Minor defect

Minor defects are small and insignificant issues that do not affect the functionality of the products. Also, they have a minimal impact on the appearance of the products, and sometimes it is not even noticeable.

In case of minor defects, the end-user or the customer is not likely to ask for a refund or return the product.

  • Major defect

Significant defects are severe compared to minor ones. Not only do these defects affect the functioning but also the appearance and performance of the product.

Also, in case of major defects, the customer easily notices the defects and may ask to return the products or refund the amount.

  • Critical defect

These are the most severe defects, which is why they are termed as ‘critical.’ These defects cause serious harm to the products and may make them unusable.

It can affect the brand’s reputation and sometimes puts the business at  grave risk. A product fails the inspection process if any critical defect is detected.

So, a manufacturer needs to be very careful in identifying the defects and try to minimize them.

Quality defect classification can help identify the severity of defects and cut down the cost and improve the quality control process. It also helps in building trust within the customers and boosts their satisfaction.

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